About Us

So, you want to buy property on the coast of Maine?  You've 
come to the right place.  The Blair Agency, located in the waterfront  victorian village of Bayside, 4 miles from Belfast and 16 miles north of Camden, is smack in the heart of mid-coast Maine on Penobscot Bay.  How does a property on the water's edge sound? 

Waterfront, waterview or the ambience of coastal living....we've 
got it all!  For over thirty years, the Blair Agency has operated  
small, knowledgeable "mom & pop" office.  Hosted by Blair and
Maureen Einstein as featured in Downeast Magazine 
April 2004.

Whether your needs are buying or selling in Belfast, Camden and surrounding area, big or small, contact us.  We'll do you proud! 


(207) 592-2257 (cell)
Blair Agency
p.o. box 353
Belfast, Maine 04915
Blair Agency
24 Bay Street
Northport, ME 04849
            Phone:    (207) 338-2257    
(207) 323-9930 (cell)
Email:    einstein@toast.net
Office Hours:  Sunday - Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m